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“It’s For the Kids"

Beginning with the 2012 season, parents from Hopkinton & Ashland came together and joined the All-American Division of American Youth Football (AYF). The All-American Division is a grade-based football program, which means that participants in the same grade and of similar age play together. No weight limits, no "sweating" kids to loose weight and you will not be forced to play with older kids that are not in your grade.
The Hopkinton Ashland AYF program believes that the All-American Division of AYF provides consistency and continuity for the players and teams through the 8th grade and into high school. In making its decision, we reviewed an often-cited reserach study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, (see handout section) which concluded that age is a greater factor in football injuries than weight.
American Youth Football (AYF) understands the importance of supporting young girls in the community through sport and with that they started a sister league to AYF devoted to its cheerleaders. American Youth Cheer, governed on safety, sportsmanship and full participation offers membership to all cheer, dance and step teams associated with an American Youth Football team.
The Hopkinton Ashland Fighin' Irish join several other Tri-Valley and Duel County League organizations such as Holliston, Medway and Dover-Sherborn who all participate in the All-American Division.